Trading and distribution of raw materials


Picart & Beer was founded in 1907 from the association of a metal trader Léon Picart and an ironmaster Jean Beer.
Picart & Beer started its activities as exclusive agent in Belgium for the products of the Eisenergesellschaft in Germany.

After 1918, the two partners took their independence from Eisenergesellschaft and started trading semi-finished products such as blooms and billets. After the Second World War, Jean Beer bought the shares of Léon Picart becoming the sole owner of the company.

In 1949, Jean Beer passed away and his only son Jean-Charles Beer took over the control of the company.

In 1979, Francis-Stéphane Beer, the son of Jean-Charles Beer, joins the business and develops very rapidly the refractory department.

In 1981, Francis-Stéphane Beer decides to do an MBO in a very difficult economic time. Due to a major reorganization and hard work, the turnover of Picart & Beer doubled in 10 years.

In 1991, Picart & Beer acquired Europ Iron in order to better serve the French market. Europ Iron was originally founded as a subsidiary of Lorfonte, a company operating the blast furnaces of Saulnes and Uckange owned by Usinor.

Picart & Beer and Europ Iron have decided to merge their competences in order to form the Picart & Beer Group.

Today, two sons of Francis-Stéphane Beer, Jean-Julien and Simon, have also joined the business.